EEXI - Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index

The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has taken a pledge to phase out GHG emissions completely from the global maritime industry & set standard targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 40% by 2030 and subsequently 50% by 2050. EEXI, or Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index will aid in this voyage towards Net Zero Emissions.

EEXI is a framework created to analyse the performance of inservice vessels over 400 GT falling under MARPOL ANNEX VI. It is also referred to as the ‘design’ measure since the calculation is based on the design parameters of a vessel.

Evaluation of EEXI includes a vessel being assigned an attained EEXI which will project the current energy efficiency of that vessel. Meanwhile, the ‘Attained EEXI’ will be compared against a ‘Required EEXI’ to estimate whether the vessel meets the minimum regulatory
requirements amended by IMO and is fit for the voyage.

We at Broadside Marine will carry out comprehensive EEXI calculations with our dedicated software to ensure maximum accuracy in evaluating the energy efficiency of your vessel
We also provide you with the appropriate Technical Report required for regulatory approvals along with Technical Guidance based on EEXI estimated value to help you stay ahead from your competitors in this epic voyage to Net Zero Emissions.

So, offload all your worries, save your time, and join hands towards ‘Decarbonization’.

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