Learning Videos

Just like every other industry and field, Information Technology in all its various forms has deeply entrenched itself in the shipping industry. Shipping operations are becoming more and more digitalized which, in turn, has brought forward the necessity of employing adequately trained personnel to man and operate the ships.


Modern training has progressed from subject material in textbooks / manuals to the same content now being available in electronic format. Extensive research has shown that when compared to reading from a book or circular or report,  there is a deeper impact on the learner, leading to better understanding of the subject and a consequent increase in retention power when the same material is presented in an Audio-Visual Format.  Hence reputed organizations such as Shell are recommending  more and more on this format of learning through LFI(Learning from Incidents) and LET(Learning Engagement Tool) programmes.


We, at Broadside Marine, have till date conducted more than 50 Incident Investigations for our clients. We can confidently and proudly say that our experience and expertise in this field  has established us firmly in the shipping industry. Basis incident reports provided by our clients, we design 2D Animated Training Videos to be used as Learning Engagement Tools. The Training Videos, beginning with an introduction and background of the incident, in an easy to understand Audio-Visual format provide the learner an insight into the causes of the incident and what steps could have been taken to prevent it. They provide a Platform to have a meaningful safety discussion and encourage sharing of experiences and discussions around their learning outcomes. The learner is prompted to apply his / her mind and think of what procedural controls can be put in place to prevent a similar incident on his / her ship.


We are sure that just like some of our esteemed clients you will also benefit from this new form of learning Because a ten minute video has a more lasting impact on the viewer than a voluminous manual or Accident Investigation Report / Circular !!!

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