Get your MEG4 related queries answered today !!

All tanker vessels have MSMP onboard, however few basic questions may still arise,

– Is the vessel SDMBL calculated as per MEG4 considering OCIMF  standard weather criteria?

– Are the  suboptimal leads  and  real-world scenarios  actually feasible and supported by ‘mooring load analysis’?

What steps need to be taken in case there is a mismatch in the relationship between the vessel’s fixed and loose equipment as per MEG4?

Please find a gap analysis OCIMF MEG3 & MEG4

We have been approved by Lloyds Register (LR) to conduct ‘Mooring Forces Calculations’ in compliance with OCIMF MEG4.






Capt. Chakshu Dutta

Manager – Tanker Operations, Fleet Management India Pvt. Ltd.

“‘Broadside Marine’ have proficiently cracked the code on calculating ‘SDMBL’ basis provided information & environmental forces in line with MEG4 guidelines. In addition to being verified by LR (for their environmental forces calculation program), I must mention teams prompt service in delivering MSMP/LMP plans and in-depth knowledge on subject.”

Capt. Yazad Boomla

Marine Manager, Synergy Navis Marine Pvt. Ltd.

“‘Broadside Marine’ has assisted us well for preparation of Vessel specific MSMP/LMP in line with MEG4. Broadside has also provided expert advisories when required in risk mitigation in several instances where required for vessels where full compliance with the MEG4 requirements was not immediately possible.”

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