Seafarers Mental Well-Being


Workshop Overview

This workshop covers all aspects of seafarers mental health and well-being which helps them in assessing their psychological strengths and weakness.

Seafarers will be made aware of various stress management techniques and how to deal with challenging situations.

More about Workshop

Did you know that according to a research conducted by ITF Seafarers’ Trust & Yale University, 1 out of every 4 seafarers is found to be depressed and around 6 percent of total number of deaths at sea are cases of suicides ?

Reasons could be – homesickness, long and irregular hours of work, mentally draining nature of work, dissent against the management or colleagues on board, etc.

Whatever the reasons maybe, but it’s time to take mental well-being of seafarers seriously!

We, at BAMS (Broadside Academy for Maritime Studies), try to address this challenge by helping seafarers overcome mental stress by making them aware of their psychological strengths and weakness.

We are a Lloyds Register (LR) approved Training facility conducting Value Added Training Courses for shipping industry since 2016.

Our faculty consists of reputed marine psychologist with more than 20 years of experience in this field who are certified to conduct 16PF and Emotional Quotient tests and connected with WMU and other seafarers’ welfare and mental wellbeing associations.

They are also linked with globally reputed firms and government agencies as a qualified psychologist working extensively on depression and suicide.


Vessel Officers and Ratings

Workshop Duration

2 – Days


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