Voyage Data Recorder Analysis or commonly known as VDR / SVDR analysis or Remote Navigation Assessment(through VDR data)plays an important role for Vessel Operators worldwide.

The VDR quietly and continuously monitors the routine operations on the bridge. VDR is meant to save the recent data of the Ship’s navigational movements via recording each and every moment, voice, and equipment data. Originally designed to record any casualty to investigate at a later stage, Vessel Operators now realize, that analyzing their fleet VDR data on a regular basis may prevent Casualty from its occurrence at the Near-Miss stage itself. It can also help Vessel Operators to get useful insights into navigational safety culture to pinpoint the Pain Points and suggest improvements, train the manpower on specific compliances, good practices, and accident prevention.

It can be also used effectively to review Vessels’ own routine operations by the Bridge Team. This practice helps in the retrospection, familiarity with routine data removal as well as verifying the recorded data integrity.


A Typical report contains:

  1. Synopsis of the case
  2. Good Practices by Bridge Team
  3. Any Near Misses observed
  4. Observations as a part of continual Improvement
  5. Recommendations inspired by Industry Best Practices
  6. Report on Navigational Culture and Training Gaps



We have collected Gold Dust while going through numerous VDR cases. This data is used in Trending and Industry Benchmarking in line with TMSA element 5.4.2. It can also help us to find correlations between various other latent parameters such as recurring observations across fleet etc.


Animated Reconstructions(AR)

As requested recently by a few oil majors, we also provide ‘Animated Reconstructions’ with subtitles and other layers of useful information providing eyes and ears to the actual ‘Bridge Scenario’ which provides an immersive experience useful for deeper analysis and Internal Training Purposes. The entire period of analysis can be viewed in a short video duration of about 20 minutes covering Audio, Subtitles, synopsis, near misses, observations, and other important events.

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