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Since our establishment in 2016, Broadside Marine has been at the forefront of the maritime industry, providing cutting-edge marine technical services to clients across the globe. We firmly believe that safety and commercial success are not separate entities but rather two sides of the same coin. With this philosophy at our core, we consistently go the extra mile to ensure the safety and profitability of our clients’ operations.

At Broadside, we take immense pride in the level of service we offer and the unwavering standards we uphold. We are more than just a company; we are a tight-knit community of seafarers with diverse backgrounds and experiences, all united by a common mission.

Our Services

Broadside has been a prominent player in the industry since 2016, providing marine-related technical services to a global clientele. Whether you’re a Dry Fleet or Tanker Fleet operator, at Broadside Marine, we tailor our solutions to your unique fleet needs. Our dedicated team of Subject Matter Experts is driven by the goal of optimizing your fleet’s performance.

Navigational Audits

Our Navigational Audit & VDR Analysis Services are tailored to meet…


We understand the rigorous demands of the dry bulk industry for unwavering safety…

Mooring Management

Our suite of Mooring Management Services is meticulously designed to empower…

Audits & Inspections

Broadside recognizes the unwavering dedication required for safety…

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Capt. Neeraj Kumar General Manager, The Shipping Corporation Of India Ltd.

”Right from Assisting the Vessel for Data Download to transfer of data to delivering VDR Reports within the stipulated timeline is the highlight of ‘Broadside Marine’ service for VDR Data Analysis.”

Capt. Sachin Chandra Fleet manager, Marine & Security, BW Epic Kosan Maritime Pte. Ltd.

”In-depth VDR Data Analysis with excellent report making. Trending within fleet and with Peer Fleets being the highlight.” “Animated Reconstruction” is an excellent deliverable along with the report.”

Capt. Yazad Boomla Marine Manager, Synergy Navis Marine Pvt. Ltd.

“Broadside Marine’ has assisted us well for preparation of Vessel specific MSMP/LMP in line with MEG4. Broadside has also provided expert advisories when required in risk mitigation in several instances where required for vessels where full compliance with the MEG4 requirements was not immediately possible.”

Capt. Chakshu Dutta Manager - Tanker Operations, Fleet Management Ltd.

“‘Broadside Marine’ have proficiently cracked the code on calculating ‘SDMBL’ basis provided information & environmental forces in line with MEG4 guidelines. In addition to being verified by LR (for their environmental forces calculation program), I must mention teams prompt service in delivering MSMP/LMP plans and in-depth knowledge on subject.”

Capt. Ashok Sherpa Manager, HSE operations, Eaglestar Marine (S) Pte. Ltd.

"Animated Reconstruction' (AR) is their USP. Entire analysis period captured in an Audio/Video clip of 5~8 mins, raising the bar in VDR Data Analysis".

Capt. Sanjeet Pattnaik Marine Manager- Safety and Quality assurance, ISHIMA Pte Ltd.

"Broadside Marine’ has been associated with us for more than 4 years, providing excellent Navigation Audit reports through VDR Data Analysis. We are also happy with the support we receive when required at times of need. We have also noted that the company has fortified reports to SIRE 2.0 standards."

Capt. Jayanta Dutta DGM, MTM Ship Management Pte. Ltd.

“Broadside Marine’ has gained deep insights into OCIMF MEG4 and were instrumental to assist us for Oil Major concurrence for a vessel in light of MEG4. They have been key to providing solutions for a ship would have otherwise required structural modification. I note that they are certified by classification society (LR) for environmental forces calculation as required by MEG4. They are also certified by classification society(LR) as per MEG4. My best wishes in their endeavors.”

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