Vessel Audit Services - Elevating Maritime Excellence

Broadside recognizes the unwavering dedication required for safety, operational efficiency, and regulatory adherence within the maritime realm. Our comprehensive range of vessel audit and inspection services can be tailored to your operational demands, ensuring your vessels consistently meet the highest standards.

Internal Audits

Our experienced auditors meticulously examine your ship's Safety Management Systems, evaluating procedures, policies, and processes against industry regulations. Internal audits identify operational gaps, risk factors, and opportunities for continuous improvement, enhancing vessel safety and efficiency.

Safety Inspections

Safety is paramount in maritime endeavors. Our safety inspections encompass an in-depth review of safety equipment, navigation systems, firefighting mechanisms, and emergency protocols. These thorough assessments guarantee your ship is fully equipped to manage any scenario, safeguarding crew, vessel, and cargo.

Technical Inspections

Operational excellence hinges on technical prowess. Our technical inspections span machinery, propulsion systems, electrical systems, and piping systems. Each component undergoes meticulous evaluation, ensuring optimal functionality, performance, and alignment with industry benchmarks.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Investing in a vessel is significant. Our pre-purchase inspections deliver a detailed assessment of a ship's condition, empowering informed decision-making. Identifying potential risks and offering insights into repairs, we ensure transparency throughout the purchasing process.

Engineering Audits

Efficient engineering underpins ship performance. Our engineering audits provide a comprehensive review of machinery, systems, and equipment. We identify improvement opportunities, confirm regulatory compliance, and optimize vessel efficiency for optimal performance.

Remote Engineering Audits

In a rapidly evolving world, our remote engineering audits provide real-time insights without sacrificing precision. Leveraging advanced technology, we conduct virtual inspections that deliver expert insights regardless of geographical constraints.

Condition Surveys

Our condition surveys offer a comprehensive evaluation of vessel health, encompassing structural integrity and equipment performance. No aspect is overlooked, enabling proactive issue resolution to enhance vessel longevity and operational reliability.

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